Stronger You

Stronger You is My online Private coaching designed to not only help you establish strength training as a habit, but To also help you learn important foundational exercises to keep you moving well & pain free.

It's a fantastic Base to build upon if you're interested in learning how to strength train, and if you already run, lift weights, or do any regular movement - it's a fantastic way to add consistent programming that is balanced and personalized for your goals. 

Program length: 4 or 6 weeks

4 weeks: $79 USD, billed monthly 6 weeks: $115

*First time clients are billed $149 for the first month’s Program (6 weeks), which includes a 45 minute phone consultation. subsequent months are billed based on the program length. while no refunds are provided, You can cancel at any time.

Want all the details on Stronger You Programming? Click HERE.