“Ginger took the time to get to know me. She took the time to understand my physical history, learn about current and past injuries and find out what my goals were. But what I think is really unique about Ginger is that she then took the time to find out what type of plan would work for me. She took the time to find out what motivated me, what type of training plans worked with my personality and time schedule. And she truly seems to enjoy trying to figure this all out. She quickly ascertained that I am very interested in the ‘why’. Why this exercise and not that one? Why would this work? She also seemed to catch on fast to the fact that I can be impatient and tend to rush through my exercises. She was persistent in working to get me to understand that learning proper form is critical, and faster is not always better. I think other trainers would have fed my desire to do more, faster (likely leading to more injuries). But Ginger continually worked with me to get me to slow down and focus on form and that has enabled me to build a strong foundation as I continue to incorporate strength training into my life.”
— M. Stapleton, Director of BioScience Education - Towson University
Update from M. Stapleton: “I wanted to thank you again for all that you’ve done for me. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from you. I think I may actually like strength training almost as much as I love running! Never in a million years did I expect to get to this point!”

“It’s so much more than a weight-loss program. I learned you can’t diet, detox or restrict your way into behavior change. You need to address your triggers; your underlying emotional triggers you often aren’t even aware of. The lessons in Ginger’s program helped me to dig a little deeper, remain curious, and learn. Ultimately that awareness helped me create healthier changes that are sticking.”
— A.D.

“Ginger has been there for me every step of the way. She knew when I was ready, knew just what to say when I had a problem, knew how to help me figure out why I was resisting when I resisted. She helped me to figure out how I could be just a little bit better everyday no matter what it was ... quite sure I would still be lost without her!” 
— Stephanie Matthews

“Thanks for all of you help this year in my moving closer to one of my top three goals which is to ‘Be in the Best Shape of my Life’.” 
— SC

What do you notice about your past experiences and history?
”Not a positive one. I remember eating the sugariest cereals for breakfast and having lots of sugar snacks in the house. Eating healthy wasn’t a thing and it showed as time went on. Then I began to feel guilty if I ate the treats and couldn’t stop so shame and guilt and emotional eating... all one big ball of fun. And eating this way didn’t do much for my self image. Didn’t matter how many miles I ran, I never found myself to look good.”

If you were going to write a happy future ending to your story, what would it be?
”My happy future ending would be feeling comfortable in the kitchen and with myself. Knowing that my daughter will have a better outlook on food and herself because I’m much more confident inside and out, especially knowing she won’t go through the extreme ups and downs I went through trying to work my way to eating right. Physically, it’s continuing to challenge myself and hopefully start working with other individuals in 5-10 years with their nutrition and fitness.”
— Christine

“I won three games of Twister against kids 10 and 5 year old. They are amazed at how I could win. ?? I owe it all to you!”
— M.O. - age 66

“Ginger is the only trainer that I have ever worked with that takes the time, and has the ability, to assess and evaluate the condition of my athletic physiology, and design an exercise program that improves performance and addresses weaknesses and imbalances. During each and every session I truly learn, not only how to perform the movements and exercise correctly, but gain an understanding of why the exercises are beneficial to me. Life is about learning and growing. You are one of my important mentors in that quest.”
— Ed Hurley, PhD

“You are an excellent teacher. You are patient in guiding your clients whether it be a TGU (Turkish Get Up) or grocery lists or meal planning. You just keep encouraging people to find their way, and when they do ... you recognize it. And when they don’t you remind them where they were, and where they are going, helping them find their way back.”
— Angie - Mom, Business Owner, Wife