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Habit Focused: 

Practices build habits

Habits build skills

skills build goals

Creating Healthier Habits ... for LIFE 

It's all about learning balance through practicing small, daily habits consistently.

Do you want to form long-term, sustainable habits that will enable you to quit the dieting cycle forever? Lose the crazy food rules that restrict this and allow that?

Watch the video below to hear how using this habit based approach has truly transformed lives:

Does this sound like a familiar script you tell yourself?

  • "I need to take better care of myself."

  • "I work so hard in the gym but nothing changes."

  • "I do so well in the week but then I 'blow' it on the weekend."

  • "I've tried detoxes/low carb/no sugar - but the weight creeps back."

  • "I'll be 'good' on Monday...

  • "Parenting is so stressful! I'm like 4th, no 100th on the priority list in my own life."

If so, you're not alone. I've felt each of those. 

I'm passionate about equipping my clients to eat, move and live better. 

Whether you're a busy mom juggling kids with carpool or your fur babies…

Or maybe you’re facing your next decade and want more energy and to simply look, feel and move better.

Or perhaps you’re wanting to retire in the next decade (or you’re already there!). You want to move well into your later years so you can travel, enjoy grandchildren, maybe take care of aging parents AND embrace life - I can help. 

My coaching approach provides specific, strategic practices to help you successfully integrate healthier habits into your busy life.  

Precision Nutrition (PN) is the worlds leading expert in nutrition education for the fitness industry. As a Level 2 Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, I've partnered with them to bring you an approach to weight loss, and weight management, that will change your relationship with food, and your body - for life. This curriculum is delivered over 50 weeks. Through it all you receive nutrition & exercise programming, accountability (!!), and an experienced and dedicated coach by your side.  

Incremental improvements can add up to Freedom. 

Freedom from diets, fads, detoxes, and from counting calories.

Are you ready to learn to implement small daily changes to create a more resilient, healthier you?

The program is 12 months. Your life is many years. Why wait?

As a Precision Nutrition (PN) client, mentor & Level II Certified Coach, I've partnered with Precision Nutrition (PN), the world leader in nutrition education for fitness professionals.

Click below to learn a little more and take the first step towards a healthier, more resilient you … for life.

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Individual enrollment available at any time for $129/month.

Group enrollment happens twice a year (Jan/May), offering you the benefit of a discount, group support and a streamlined coaching approach for me. $109/month