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AN INSIDE LOOK: Here’s how the program works, and what others are saying about it.


Watch this short video to learn exactly how this program works.

The video includes program overview, screenshots, as well as client interviews.


What are actual clients saying about this program?

“It’s so much more than a weight-loss program. I learned you can’t diet, detox or restrict your way into behavior change. You need to address your triggers; your underlying emotional triggers you often aren’t even aware of. The lessons in Ginger’s program helped me to dig a little deeper, remain curious, and learn. Ultimately that awareness helped me create healthier changes that are sticking.” —A.D. Mom of 3

“Ginger has been there for me every step of the way. She knew when I was ready, knew just what to say when I had a problem, knew how to help me figure out why I was resisting when I resisted. She helped me to figure out how I could be just a little bit better everyday no matter what it was ... quite sure I would still be lost without her!”  —S. Lynam, age 54

“This is not about the ‘quick fix.’ It’s about me making better choices every day that support me in becoming a better (leaner, stronger, healthier, more confident…) version of myself.” —E.H., Mom of 3, Business Owner

“Thanks for all of you help this year in my moving closer to one of my top three goals which is to ‘Be in the Best Shape of my Life’.” — S.C., Dad & Business Professional