16 Weeks to improved eating behaviors and better nutrition habits with a whole lotta education along the way.

It’s never been more simple to start building a better you. Our lives are so very busy and our health often suffers because of it. I will help you engineer healthier habits into your life based on your personal vision, goals and needs. And best of all? This entire program is online. You listen and engage at your convenience.

In the 16 weeks we have together you’ll gain a solid foundation of nutrient knowledge; this is the stuff no one ever taught us in school. I won’t be telling you food X is bad, or you can only eat food Y. Nope.

This is nutrition empowerment right here. As a Precision Nutrition (PN) Certified Level 2 coach, I've partnered with PN to bring you an evidence based approach to weight loss, and weight management, that will change your relationship with food (and your body) - for life, no matter how busy and hectic life gets. Click HERE for a video testimonial. This is the very same coursework in my year long (50 week) Women’s Wellness Program. Only here - you get a condensed, 16 week curriculum.



Sample lessons are below.


Because journeys are often better with a friend, refer a friend to join along with you and receive a $50 credit.