Thinking about beginning to develop autonomy with strength training, but not exactly sure what a balanced strength training program is?  Or why you should vary your intensity, your load, your sets? Let me take care of all the thinking and you just focus on learning, moving well and getting stronger!

Here’s a bit more information about the Stronger You programming.

What are Stronger You programs?

Stronger You programs are 100% online and self-paced. You practice your exercises on your time when it works for your busy lifestyle! I can adapt your workouts to be done all at home, at the gym or a combo of both.

Stronger You is here because I believe all women deserve to feel comfortable and confident in the gym, or working out alone at home. Not everyone can afford 4, 8, or 12 hours with a personal trainer each week. Not everyone can make that work into their busy schedule. With this online approach I hope to bridge a gap.

How is the monthly program delivered?

Your monthly program will be sent to you in PDF format via email. You can access it online and record your weights each workout, or you can print the spreadsheet and record manually. It’s really all about what works best for you.

Why is your programming beneficial?

When you know how to listen to your body, warm up & strength train safely and consistently, and embrace moving often - you'll have more energy, improve bone density, improve your metabolism, reduce fat, and slow the aging process

I receive a lot of requests from beginners who want to know where they can begin their strength training journey. As a beginner to weight training it can feel a bit confusing or intimidating when it comes to structuring your strength training routine.

Where do you start?
What exercises do you choose?
How do you put choices together?
How do you do the exercises?

With all the information circulating the internet, not to mention your fellow gym experts sharing their opinions, it can feel complex and overwhelming. 

I work with BUSY women who have careers, families, friends, aging parents, and feel the effects of putting themselves last for far too long. Whether it's limited finances, crazy crunched time, gym intimidation, or needing your own cheerleader - together we can do this.

Training is an awesome gift you can give to yourself. It’s personal time, a social time, an opportunity to better yourself, learn about yourself, a confidence booster and a fantastic way to simply show up for yourself.

Borrowing a comparison from my previous career: Just like the Flight Attendants tell you on a flight "put your oxygen mask on first and THEN attend to others" - we spend decades prioritizing others, often to the detriment of our own physical and mental health. Let me help you learn how to move well, move often and establish a solid foundation of moving well. 

Who Is This For?

  • Women who are open to learning. You want to move well without pain and without increasing your chance of injury, while learning to incorporate strength training into your busy life.

  • Women who notice a difference in their bodies begins to happen in their 40's, compared to those years where we could eat anything, do little, and not much changed! Age-related muscle loss, called sarcopenia, is a natural part of aging. Less muscle means greater weakness and less mobility. After age 30, you begin to lose as much as 3% to 5% per decade. After age 40 we lose approximately 1 percent of our lean muscle mass per year. This is why between our 40's and 50's we notice such a difference compared to our 30's. But just because you lose muscle mass does not mean it is gone forever. The good news is strength training can combat this loss.

  • Women who want to feel comfortable in the gym. The benefits of strength training are well established. You want to lose weight by reducing body fat and building lean muscle, but don't always know what to do or exactly how to do it. Maybe you go to the gym and feel intimidated by those around you who seem to know exactly what they're doing.

  • Women who crave accountability and a community of like minded women. Carving out time for yourself is HARD. Learning how to incorporate exercises safely can be confusing. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer. Why continue putting off making yourself a priority?

  • Women who want to learn how to exercise for life - but can't afford a personal trainer or the headache of aligning my availability with yours. If you know me personally you know I've had a large life shift the past year in relocating my Mom up to Maryland, selling her home, and getting her cared for medically up here (huge shout out to Johns Hopkins!), while maintaining my online coaching practice, slowly returning to some of my in-person clients, all the while being a wife, daughter, mom & welcoming a foreign exchange student into our home for the year.

    If I'm not working I'm cooking for my family, driving my two (now three) teens all around town to their sports and commitments, driving my Mom to her weekly doctors appointments and advocating for her medically, while also ensuring I put my own needs first and foremost, which includes my 3-4 strength training workouts each week. So - needless to say I have VERY limited time remaining to take on more private clients.

Will this work if I need some in-person instruction for some of the exercises?

  • Yes! I have quite a few clients who use a blended approach. If you are brand new to strength training you may want to purchase a few individual sessions with me at either of my locations or via a FaceTime or Skype video call, whichever is more convenient for you (click on highlighted portion to learn more). We can have as few or as many sessions that fit your budget and/or help you feel more comfortable.

Why is it important to have a program? Can’t I just take classes at my local gym?

Of course. Gym classes are a great place to start, and if they are working for you - then don’t change a thing. But here’s why having a plan, a program - is superior in my opinion:

I sum it up in one word: Balance

There should be balance in your movement patterns. For example, if you have a horizontal push (ie: push up) you should include a horizontal pull (ie: rowing). If you have a lower body push (ie: squat) you should include a lower body pull (ie: deadlift). A solid program will also include exercises to emphasize core strength, stability and/or rotation.

I do all the thinking for you:

  • I map out your exercise selection

  • Consider where to place them within the workout

  • Ensure you gradually have increases in your volume, load, frequency, etc.

  • Provide you with an excel spreadsheet that allows you to print and log (or log online) your workouts. This allows you to track your training and your progress. It’s hard to know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been!

Why me as your Coach? 

  • I'm an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with the heart of a teacher. My passion is in helping others to learn to move well without pain. In 2011 I was diagnosed with a herniated L4-L5, L5-S1. Poor movement patterns from years of teaching repetitive Body Pump classes with weak glutes and tight hip flexors, along with scoliosis from T2-L5, led to my injury. I was teaching group exercise and cueing participants to squeeze their glutes but I didn't even know HOW to use my own glutes properly. I was cueing participants to "smash their belly buttons to the floor" (have you heard that one recently?) when in fact that is wrong, wrong, wrong. There’s a saying: “In order to be a great coach, you’ve got to be coachable yourself.” I spent several years working with a physical therapist and trainer to master my own movement re-education.

  • I am Functional Movement Systems Level 2 Certified (FMS) trainer. It was working with a trainer who had this certification that helped me get out of pain and learn to move pain free. I then decided to leave flying and become certified as a trainer, mentoring underneath the trainer who had helped to bring ME out of pain (shout out here to Vic Selvaggi of Kinetic Systems). The exercises I'll share with you are part of my own foundational moments that keep me moving well and pain free. Click here to learn more about me, and scroll to the bottom to see my certifications.

Last But Not Least:

Simply purchasing this programming won't change your body. You have to take charge of your life and create your changes through consistency. No one HAS the time. We're all given the same 24 hours. It's not about prioritizing your schedule, but instead - learning to schedule your priorities. Learning how to do just that takes time, and practice. 

If you're willing to learn, and to commit to practicing (and notice I said practicing here ... NOT perfection!) - I'm here to guide you.

If you are ready to begin, then here you go!