Are you tired of the diets, the detoxes, the 30-day challenges, smashing yourself in the gym ...yet nothing ever changes? 

Frustrated with surface solutions that keep you yo-yo'ing back and forth, weight up, weight down, weight lost, weight found?

Let me show you how incremental improvements can add up to big achievements & lasting changes.

As a Level 2 Precision Nutrition (PN) Coach I've partnered with PN, the world leader in nutrition education for fitness professionals. I use Precision Nutrition's online habit based health and nutrition curriculum. The cool part? I'll actually be guiding the process, and interacting with you often via your private platform, as your coach.

Women’s Wellness Coaching is conducted entirely on-line. You get the exercise programs, all the nutrition and fitness coaching, accountability, and an experienced and dedicated coach ... all at a fraction of the cost of one:one personal training. Technology is an amazing tool that allows you and I to develop a great coaching relationship no matter where you are.

Deep down you know what changes you need to make.

My role, as your coach, is to help you navigate obstacles along the way. 

Through this coaching you will develop skills and habits that lead to a larger goal - sustainable change. I've used this curriculum myself. I, and many clients, and can personally attest to it being transformative and life changing.


Practices build habits 

Habits build skills

skills build goaLS

This program is a year; Your life is many years.

What The program offers

A structured online behavior change program that helps you establish healthy habits for life.

  • Your own private account.

  • 12-month nutrition & lifestyle habit based curriculum

  • Coaching via online platform accessible from any mobile device or computer.

  • Practice building healthier habits via daily habit and lifestyle lessons sent to your inbox.

  • Lessons take 5-10 minutes to read. Audio versions are also available so you can listen easily on the go.

  • Private messaging with me, your Coach.

  • Built in tracking software allowing you to track your progress via:

    • Habit compliance

    • Measurements & weight

    • Photos

    • Workouts added* (note requirements below)

  • Monthly 45 minute optional meeting (conducted in person and via a private online portal so you can literally join from anywhere).

  • No refunds, but your monthly enrollment can be cancelled at any time.

*Workouts added after 3 months of program participation at 75% or higher. We ease into them, helping you build movement as a daily habit gradually. If you’ve already got an established exercise habit no problem, I’ve got you covered.